Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The band was founded in the early of 2007 it was all began with Fekky (vox), Luhur Pam's (drums), Ryan (guitar), Fitrah (guitar), & Adi (bass) this band plays Metal Hardcore. After experiencing a lot of stage actions in some music events the band which now consists of Fekky (vox), Indra (bass), nouzed (guitar), Rudi (guitar), Ferry (drums), this band has released a demo cd with the single "When I'm alone". After crisscrossing the stage in and outside cities such as Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Yogyakarta and Solo. this band has a dream if one day they could play the metal platform in the middle of the jungle or in the middle of the presidential ceremony at the August 17th.
Brotherhood and Unity is vision and motto of this band, and also trying to lift the life and few elements to the plural-deity in the lyrics of this band. The band decided to release a debut album. There are so many challenges which faced by the band's debut album in the production process ranging from financial problems that swelled from estimates, changes in personnel at the time of pre-production recording studio subscription to those who refuse to record the band due to personal conflicts with the vocalist, these conditions has forced to postponed the release of the debut album.
Finally, in 2011 this band will release their debut album entitled "HOLY SON" which was recorded in a recording studio in Landungsari, Malang. Which contains 10 songs entitled.

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